5 Questions To Ask Your Digital Marketer


Are you planning to hire a full-time, freelance digital marketer, or contact any digital marketing agency to scale up your business?

Are you hiring them for the first time?

Well, whether you are doing it for the first time or might have done it several times before, there are certain fixed questions that one must ask every digital marketer. These questions will help you to get an insight into different ideas on how your business can be scaled up through the internet.

Every digital marketer will customize the strategies according to your requirements and will charge accordingly. Thus, depending upon the budget, and whether the plan pitched to you, suits your needs, you can finalize the deal. 

The questions are also necessary to get an insight into the competitor’s business strategies. Every company has its own tricks of bringing more traffic on their website, more click-through rates, email campaigning, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategy, and social media marketing plans as well. 

So, what will be your unique plan of getting more customers? 

Let’s discuss those top five questions that must be asked to every digital marketer.

  • Skills And Certifications

The digital marketing industry is very dynamic as a lot of tools come into the market every month, having advanced features for lead generation and increasing more traffic. Those tools, if become popular, are used by all the corporates then. Thus, it becomes essential to know using all the new tools.

Apart from this, there are some certifications like Google AdWords, Salesforce, etc. that you may require if your business uses tools like Salesforce explicitly. These certifications are the mouthpiece of one’s skills. So, do look for them before you hire a digital marketer or a digital marketing agency.

  • Plan And Proposal

After explaining your business and your requirements to the agency or the digital marketer, always ask them for a detailed plan on how things will go.

Give them a time frame of at least 2-3 days and let the standard questions like “how traffic to the website will be increased?”, “how Instagram and LinkedIn followers will get increased?”, etc., be answered. After getting a satisfactory response and a detailed proposal, follow the next steps.

  • Work Timings

How will you contact the agency or the marketer? 

Do you want the work to be submitted on a daily or weekly basis? 

Transparency plays a vital role while hiring people for a job. Therefore, everything should be settled well before you pay! If there is a clause of the flexibility of working hours, it should be mentioned in detail. 

  • Projects And Previous Experiences

The results in digital marketing depend on the experience one has gained while working on projects. You certainly can not hire a fresher who has only done some online courses. However, if you want instant results, hire an experienced and certified person.

  • Proper Time Dedication

Whether it’s an agency or a marketer; both of them might have multiple projects in hand, which means handling various campaigns at the same time. So, it’s your responsibility to ask for the number of hours or days that the agency or the marketer would devote towards your project. 

  •  Takeaway Points

Along with this, ask them to send a report that contains all the statistics, CPC(Cost Per Click), CTR(Click-Through Rate), ad positions, conversions rates, and other metrics too.

Apart from the above information, negotiate on the fees to be charged with them. Although, almost every agency or marketer charges more or less the same amount but you shouldn’t bargain on the quality of work. 

Social media marketing is very important. Thus, have a concrete plan on how the followers will be increased and what sort of social media campaigns can be run to attract followers throughout a month. 

The whole digital marketing agency runs on the basis of the database. So, the more relevant database the agency or the marketer has, the more it will be beneficial for you! 

  • Some other common questions to be asked are as follows:
  1. Can you show some of your writing samples? 
  1. Do you have a Google Partner Badge?
  1. Do you use templates or customize the websites?
  1. How will SEO scale up my business and rank my website? Also, what is your SEO Strategy?
  1. How will my strategy be different from my competitors?
  1. What is your content development strategy?
  1. What is your formula for calculating ROI(Return On Investment) on social media?
  1. Do you follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  1. When will I start observing the results?

So, this was the exhaustive list of questions you must ask them before spending heavy bucks out of your pocket! It’s not wrong to pay a good sum of money for digital marketing, but the results should be fruitful, and promises should be positive and realistic. After asking all the above questions, you are all ready to begin digital marketing and take up your business to the pinnacle of success.


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