How Is Digital Marketing Different From Conventional Marketing?

Digital Marketing Conventional Marketing

Marketing has come a long way indeed. There was a time when traditional marketing used to be the main source of marketing. Now with the introduction of digital technologies, times have changed. Digital marketing plays a very crucial role in any marketing strategy these days. These are some of the differences between conventional marketing and digital marketing. Traditional marketing alludes to the conventional methods of marketing which are used since the concept of marketing or advertisements came into existence. Traditional Marketing mainly includes the following brands of promotion:

  1. Newspapers

  2. Flyers

  3. Radio

  4. Television

  5. Billboard advertising along roads and highways

  6. Magazine Ads

Now there are multiple ways in which Digital Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing & we can learn it by going for Digital Marketing Course. Some of these differences are –

  1. Low Cost and High Cost – Internet marketing is quite affordable and reasonable when compared with Traditional Marketing which is quite costly.
  2. Quick Result and Delayed Result – Digital marketing is able to deliver fast and quick results. Traditional Marketing takes a lot of time as it keeps you waiting, long before giving any results.
  3. Brand Development – Digital Marketing helps you create a strong brand image. Traditional Marketing does not have a strong brand image as it takes more time due to the limitation of space and the low frequency of advertisements.
  4. Less Exposure and Great Exposure – Any traditional form of marketing device be it television commercials or newspapers adds can only cover a certain area or population sector of a region giving it less exposure. As opposed to this an online advertisement has the ability to reach a widespread audience.
  5. Better Engagement and Less Engagement – Digital Marketing strategies allow you do not only contact with your targeted audience in the real time and also make fruitful and prompt steps based on their quick feedbacks. However, Traditional Marketing does not allow you to engage with your audience and really engaged them with your brand. Accompanied by such marketing channels, you have to wait to gain response and after it you can take any further step which denotes less engagement.
  6. Quicker Publicity and Slower Publicity – With Internet Marketing you get instant publicity and even if you do not get instant publicity, you can immediately know which of your add is not working. With traditional marketing there is no such scope hence it takes so much time.
  7. Flexibility and Non-Flexibility – Digital Marketing allows even small businesses to function properly and in an effective and efficient manner. Digital Marketing is flexible with all types of businesses big or small. However, Traditional Marketing is not flexible with each and every business. Small businesses suffer from sides of Traditional Marketing.
  8. Easy Analysis and Complex Analysis – In digital marketing, measuring your marketing efforts become easy and quick. You can easily figure out which strategy is working and which is not by Google analytics besides other aspects viz. inbound traffic, conversion rate, a general trend, interested audience. Traditional Marketing it takes a lot of time and is very difficult to measure the success or failure of a business. As we now know there are a number of ways in which traditional marketing is different from digital marketing.


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