Google 101: Improving Google Search Ranking using White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

“Google it” is a phrase that has become so common that almost everyone who has touched the internet (which basically means everybody in the world) has used it, perhaps on a daily basis. This is simply because Google has established itself as the most popular search engine on the planet and about 90 % of those who conduct searches on Google only look at the first page. Hence, if a website is not ranked high on Google’s page one, then that website is missing out on a tsunami of traffic.

However, getting ranked on Google’s first page is not an easy task as it requires a bit of everything starting from content, understanding search intentions, backlinks and keywords among other things. It has been observed that content that are unique and new are always more favorable compared to ‘stale news’. Plagiarism is not tolerated by Google and thus copying content from other sites is never a good thing to do. It’s important when proceeding with a SEO service company or when you are doing it yourself, that you follow the white hat rules strictly to avoid penalty and assist in relevant ranking.

On the other hand new and unique content will more than just enhance organic search engine traffic; it will consistently bump up audience engagement. Here we present some basic stuff that website owners could do towards improving their higher ranking in Google, following these tips will certainly improve a given website’s Google ranking.
To begin with, let us start with the most fundamental aspect of websites and search engine optimisation, content is ‘king’ and ensuring that the content is well written, free of noticeable grammatical errors, unique and new is ensuring the potential for the website to be ranked on the first page of Google. Apart from that, the structure or construct of the website is another element that should not be overlooked for any reason.

A website that owns an intuitive user interface for those who visit the site, sports a clean and uncluttered layout will keep visitors longer and reduce bounce rates significantly. Moving back to the content, using the proper words (often referred to as ‘keywords’) within the structure of the paragraphs and introduction areas and the frequency of these keywords are also factors that improve ranking.

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‘Stuffing” keywords are another BIG NO! Use a balance of 1 – 2 % of keywords between word counts of the entire content. For instance, if the entire website has a word count of a thousand words, then using each Keyword between 5 to 15 times would be a good balance. To find the right keywords by using Google My Business and similar platforms would ensure that you do not place the wrong keywords in your content. As an example if the website is about cars, then the most appropriate keywords would be car, automobile, motorcar, vehicle used sparsely and well presented. Other elements to consider for better rankings include Mobile Friendliness; ensure that you engage a good web developer who is competent from this perspective.

Last, but not least, website loading speed, domain authority and website security is also important factors towards establishing a good rank with not just Google, but also other search engines.