Leading SEO expert Company reveals everything about Google Bert update

Google Bert Update

Google is in constant updates looking to improve its search results, to become a really useful tool for every user. This is why the new update takes care of processing the context of the sentences, and not just absorbing the keywords. This could be a problem for content writers but a good agency is always up to date, so this will not be the case for Serpmind Search engine optimization expert company. Readers may be more relaxed, and will not even be able to notice any difference, but the content will be processed in a different way.

It is necessary to be able to offer the results that the user needs regardless of the way the question enters, that is why the search engine is now prepared to process and translate into results of a short sentence in the same way as a long sentence. Previously people wrote things like “Miami beach house rental” to receive information about vacation rentals, but now elaborate sentences are back and people write things like “I want a house with two or more rooms because I have dogs and I want to be close to the beach”, and thanks to the BERT both users will be able to receive an adequate response.

The English search engine will be the first to be updated.

The English browser has already received the update but will not be the only one. It is estimated that before the end of the year all languages will receive the relevant update and users will be able to receive all the answers they need. This will be a difficult change for those who are dedicated to creating articles without quality content, saturated with keywords, giving space to the new era of knowledge, where the articles that are truly dedicated to offering solutions will appear in the first results.

The context is vital.

A single word can mean many things, and now thanks to the context the search engine will be responsible for offering results that are in tune with the search carried out. This will facilitate research periods, preventing cooking recipes from appearing when the thing you are looking for is information about a new sport. It may seem silly but this change is considered one of the most important in recent years, and it may still be insufficient since human beings do not always know how to put doubt into words. Needless to say, this is just the beginning of the change, and SEO companies have already begun to prepare for this. When items are created for the common people, all doubts and concerns are dispelled and the only thing that stands in the way is the difficulty of answering unasked questions.

Constant surprises for content writers.

Google, as well as its workers, do not consider appropriate to notify its users of the changes that will make to its platform, so it is the job of users to discover the new tools and possibilities presented by the search engine. This could go unnoticed by the ordinary citizen who uses the search engine sporadically, but it is news that will change the world of those who are engaged in content creation. For some, it will be good news and for others, it will be the end of the competition. These surprises might seem unfair but if you look well, it is logical to move forward with those who use this tool the most, and while it is not possible to truly anticipate the new change, it is possible to understand it and enter it into the routine.

Answers to questions that were ignored.

Many searches did not show answers in the browser, even though pages already existed responding to all user concerns. With this update, it is estimated that a large population will spend less time preparing their questions, and will receive the necessary information in the shortest possible time. The internet has the answer to all your questions, but sometimes it takes some time to organize the database and give you the data you need. Many people will receive an appropriate answer to their question, as well as many pages will receive the recognition they deserve for providing the content their users need.

Articles should be written for people, not for bots that are only responsible for classifying information. This is why the search engine has fine-tuned its search engine and further humanized the search results. Whether the user types three words or thirteen, they will receive the answers they are looking for. The Anglo-Saxon population is the first to receive the update, but it won’t be long before the rest of the world does too. A word can mean many things, but now the order of words will have a fundamental weight in search results.