Best Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2020

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2018

No one can deny the addictive nature of social media sites. It’s been just a couple of decades since social media came into our lives. And they literally took us by storm! We are literally addicted to social networking sites and it has almost become a reflex action to check the updates on social media every now and then. This is altogether another story and debate how social media sites are becoming major time wasters in our life, blocking most of our activities. For now, we will focus on how Social Media is becoming a gigantic platform for marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is becoming the next new king of all the marketing strategies and brands have recognized the potential of social media. Strong social media presence is essentially needed if you want to have the best marketing for your brand. The social media leaves an impact on the audience that is undeniable and long-lasting. This is exactly why we call it an addiction. Now it’s all about your skill how you can use the social media for best marketing strategies. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most effective and catchy social media marketing strategies that you will be thanking us later for. And the best part is that you only need a steady subscription to the Internet for all this marketing, which is both economical and hassle-free as compared to the other marketing strategies. So, you need to pick a high-performance ISP essentially, such as Buckeye Broadband.

Number of Subscribers

Number of Subscribers

Have you noticed by any chance the number of followers that are on these social networking sites? Well, it’s massive. And only a fool will leave such a huge audience unattended, especially if he wants to make a mark in the marketing strategies and tactics. Social media has emerged as a gigantic platform for well-orchestrated sales tactics, and every brand from massive names to small vendors, are getting to know the true potential of social media forums, in the marketing perspective. Let’s look at the number of subscribers on the social media sites:

  • Facebook: In a matter of 17 years only, Facebook has become the most popular social networking site and has a gigantic number of 2 billion active users monthly.
  • Twitter: This amazing platform has a huge number of 330 million active users monthly.
  • Instagram: 800 million monthly active users use Instagram.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat has almost 150 million active users monthly.

These are only a few instances of some of the most famous social media platforms, and there are a lot more like YouTube, Google+, and they also have millions of followers. So basically, these statistics show us what a massive audience is there on these social media forums that can be effectively targeted to get a major response from the marketing point of view.

How A Strong Social Media Presence is Made and Maintained

How A Strong Social Media Presence is Made and Maintained

Social media is packed with entertainment and this is exactly why we are addicted to it. We are now getting new addictions for the social media in the form of our favorite brand pages and getting to see their products and stuff online (just like window shopping) before we are finally so overwhelmed that we buy it. Brands should avail the full benefit of marketing strategies and tactics and effectively target this massive audience. And this is called strong social media presence. We will discuss how you can build a strong social media presence.

  • Official Pages:

In the contemporary world, where everything has to be available online, a well designed official page is strongly recommended, on every possible social media site. Facebook and Instagram are a must, and creating a channel on YouTube will also help immensely. You need to redirect these official pages to your official website by providing links to every product and so on. You should define different roles for your team of Digital marketing for creating attention-grasping and catchy images, content, and related things.

  • Brand/Services Knowledge:

You should fully address your audience about the services that you provide or what exactly is your brand about. Don’t let your subscribers, followers, and visitors be confused about what your brand or services are about. Keep your information simple and clear. It’s best that you give the essential details in the introduction part.

  • Teasers, Images, And Videos:

Once you have ensured a strong social media presence, you can’t just stop there. Because maintaining it is more significant than just creating it. Again, have a team, with assigned roles on creating quality content, catchy images (of the products), tempting videos, and teasers would help in making your sales and marketing very effective.

  • Giveaways:

The new trend of scheduling giveaways on the social media is an effective marketing strategy. Either a brand hosts a giveaway solely or a few brands collaborate and offer giveaways. Take the instance of Instagram. On Instagram, they set certain rules in order to participate in the giveaway, such as reposting and sharing the image with certain hashtags on their own profiles and only then you would be able to participate. Subscribers eagerly do this in order to win the giveaway and it is such a smart way of effective marketing, that is- through the customers themselves!

  • User Reviews and Testimonials:

Adding user reviews and testimonials is a great idea to increase your sales and have effective marketing. Many people essentially skim through the reviews and testimonials by the real customers, to gauge the quality of the brand or a particular product. If you are really delivering quality, your page will be saturated by appreciative comments and reviews by the consumers and customers, and that greatly boosts your sales and are themselves very effective marketing tools.

Hashtag Culture

Hashtag Culture

We all have witnessed the hashtag culture in the year 2017, and it is going to stay in and through 2020. Instagram is flooded with hashtags and they have become a tool for making a strong point and in turn a tool for effective marketing. As marketing strategy makers, you need to make a strong impact through hashtags and that is such a fun job.

The scope of social media marketing is vast, and these were just a few of the many marketing tactics that you can utilize. And as far as the means are concerned, you only need a steady subscription to one of the high-performance Internet service providers for your social media marketing. Check out Buckeye Cable Internet provider and avail the benefit of these Internet-powered forums to the fullest!