Top SEO Ranking Factors of 2020

Top SEO Ranking Factors Of 2018

Have you ever worked so hard to create backlinks and bring up all that good stuff together just to rank your article on the first page of Google? We hope you did, and even if you did not, we bet you will do that someday. Every other blogger has wished to see their Article in the first position on Google at least once. But, the sad part is no one actually knows the Google Search Engine Algorithm very well, and it gets changed every other day. Although Google keeps their ranking facts a secret, we have got something for you (after a lot of research) which can help you overrank the others.

If you are not on the first page of Google, you are definitely losing a lot of potential audiences and leads. As per sources, A mountainous 97 percent of the people searching over google does not bother to go on the second page.

Here we have identified some of the major factors of SEO which we think are getting used by some of the biggest players out there. Without any further stuff, let’s dive straight into the list.

1. Page-level keyword and content-based metrics:

According to some confirmed sources, if your content does not meet the user requirement and more specifically the content does not answers user’s query, you do not rank. Moreover, this is highly associated with the Bounce rate of your website. The higher the bounce rate is, the lower is your chances of getting to the top. Along with that, the quickest one to join the race, the higher chances of being the first.

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2. Using Responsive or Mobile optimized themes:

As we are getting more closer to the future, the number of people using  Mobile Devices to surf the internet is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is not only a good practice but a must to have a Mobile optimized website nowadays.

3. The uniqueness and quality of the content:

Duplicating the content is a big NO-NO. Not only it attracts DMCA Strikes but, nowadays, Google only allows quality and unique content to be on board. So make sure your content is detailed, full of knowledge, and unique along the way. Not only that but, you will have to constantly improve the content along with time.

4. Page Load Speed:

This is yet another major factor which Google likes every site to have. The faster the page loads the higher it stays on the google search page. A good optimized and mobile friendly responsive theme along with a touch of Content Delivery Network (CDN) does the job just fine. Once you manage to get it all right, you will surely notice the changes (for good).

5. Interlinking Between the Website:

Having good Interlinking is a must both for your users (makes their navigation easier and lowers down the bounce rate) and for Google (makes your site look well optimized overall). Also, make sure to get the navigation menus on your website working completely fine, cause they do the magic as well.

Although it is very difficult to understand how exactly Google’s RankBrain works, we tried our best to list out some of the important stuff out there, which you need to know.

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