VPS Hosting Guide For Beginners

VPS guide

VPS is the best form of web hosting as it inexpensive and highly productive.If you are the one who has hosted your website on a VPS, then it is guaranteed that your website data is safe and there are enough resources to perform the functions of your website. In this article, you will get deep knowledge about VPS and this will help you to take better decisions for your business, when it comes to web hosting.

What is Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server is developed when a physical server is separated into small and virtual parts. It has its own operating system, dedicated RAM and CPU resources but it costs less as compared to dedicated server. Additionally, VPS assigned to you is completely yours and offers you with a full functionality of a dedicated server at a cheaper price. It can also call as median between a shared and dedicated server hosting and it can get customized as per your requirement.

What are benefits of VPS hosting

  • VPS hosting consist of SSD disc that execute 20x faster as compared to the traditional SATA VPS
  • Host n numbers of websites on single virtual private server without any hazel, thus ensuring affordability
  • Get full control on your Virtual Private Server through full root access
  • Pliability of run and test wide number of applications
  • Host unlimited domains and sub-domains on a VPS server
  • It is best option for ecommerce websites
  • As you opt for dedicated hosting server with a VPS, performance of your website will improve
  • It can get scaled as per your requirement
  • It gets deployed easily and there is no need to wait for longer time for VPS set up
  • Easy to install and reboot the operating system at any time

How is a VPS Hosting different from shared and dedicated hosting?

In shared hosting, you buy a particular part of the server and share the resources like memory, bandwidth, CPU, disk space and much more. It is the best option for the small business websites as less resources are needed for the functions of the website. In shared hosting, your websites share the space with other websites on the same server. However, if any of those websites utilize the large space or resources, then there might be a chance that the performance of the website on shared server might get affected and your website performance gets slow.

In VPS, even though a physical server is divided into small parts, every server is separated from each other. They are totally separate and this won’t affect the performance of the website. If in case, a bad user is hosted on a VPS and shares the same server, your website will not get affected with it. This is because on a VPS, website data is protected and separated from the other customers. Additionally, every VPS has allotted their own dedicated server resources.

A dedicated is completely different from shared and VPS hosting. You can assume that it is similar to owning a complete house and you get large number of resources at your disposal and you have to pay more for that. In best dedicated server hosting india, you rent complete server and it is not shared with any other user. You are solely responsible for the operating and controlling of the server. This cost higher in all type of hosting and most of the high-profile websites opt for dedicated server hosting because they deal with a big amount of data on daily basis.

Reasons to opt for MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting?

Managed and Un-managed VPS hosting: –If you belong to technical background then it becomes easy for you to manage the VPS, and you can easily opt for un-managed VPS hosting. MilesWeb offers all VPS hosting packages in the competitive price. If you are looking for the support, then you have to pay small amount.

Reliability: –MilesWeb holds good years of experience in webhosting industry and you can depend on them to clear all your queries at any time.

Payment Options: –MilesWeb offers local as well as international payment options, this makes easy for you to make payment as per your choice.

VPS hosting help in the growth of the website by offering sufficient resources for the smooth functioning of the website. One of the best benefit that VPS has is that is available at an economical cost and you can customize as per your choice.