Web Hosting Trends In 2020-2021 To Boost Your Online Business

Web Hosting Trends

Trends in every industry change very frequently, till the time you choose one thing, the other new trend comes in. So, to cope with all the latest technologies and trends we need to keep ourselves updated. Similar is the case for the web hosting sector too. When you manage your online business or a website you need to manage your web hosting account also. So, it gets hectic to manage both at the same time, thus it is very important to have a trusted web hosting partner like MilesWeb.

So, whenever you select a web hosting partner, you need to understand certain parameters that help in the selection process. These following web hosting trends or techniques are must-have for your website.

1) The hosting plan must include a Website Builder Tool –

The days of hiring a web developer and designers are gone. Now it’s a time to create your dream website all own. The website builder tool does the same. It is a simple drag and drop tool that allows users to select a theme according to his dream site’s profession and just place content into it. All of this at free of cost. Also, by using the site builder tool you eliminate the extra cost incurred during website development and for its maintenance. Thus, every best VPS hosting or any other hosting plan must include a website builder tool, after all, as a site owner, you must have complete control over it. For every minute changes, you don’t need to go to the developer and pay them as per their choice. It’s your website, control it your way.

2) Hosting plan having Advanced Website Security –

The Risk-Based Security has informed that 2019 was the worst year for cyber-security. There were over 5000 breaches cases filed in the single year for cyber hacking. Thus, n online security is a topmost priority.

The security is always good for VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting. Thus, if you have a good website or want to grow your website without any issues, then we suggest buying trusted hosting from MilesWeb, where all servers are scanned on a daily basis. Their technical team also keeps close attention to all the possibilities of hacking. The team is so well versed trained that even if a small issue is detected they resolve it immediately without affecting any website’s performance. So, even if you use the best reseller hosting, you get a strong protection from MilesWeb support team, that increases your brand name too.

3) Hosting with HTTPS –

In July 2018, Google Chrome announced that the website without the ‘https’ mark will be considered as non-secured ones. This had inspired many site owners to shift to HTTPS, as Google has promised to rank such sites higher on search engine results. Thus, many web hosting providers started offers HTTPS for free with their hosting plans, which is nothing but an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate incorporated on a website makes it HTTPS secured. Although, hosting providers charge them as per the plan you buying, but MilesWeb offers a free certificate with all hosting plans.

4) Managed hosting services –

Managed hosting service is becoming very famous inside the hosting era. In managed hosting, the provider looks after the installation and management process so that the user can focus on its primary business. For growing websites and business, managed web hosting trend has increased rapidly, particularly, if the website owner is not from a technical background. Going with the managed hosting services eliminates the whole process of forming a technical department that looks after it. This means you can manage an eCommerce business without even having a technical team, and just work on growing a business. Many hosting users choose managed to host a website to cope up with technical components and to meet the needs of regulatory compliance.

5) Datacenter location –

Many of you might not know that a datacenter location plays an important role in your online business. Yes, it is because the datacenter location helps a website to grow in a particular region. Thus, we advise you to choose the location close to your business. Suppose if you have a business in India, then go for data centers located in India only, and not for the USA or other far places.  The less distance between datacenter and websites ensures fast data transmission and also eliminates the risk of data loss.

Suppose you have a business headquartered in India and it operates globally, still you should select the location as India only, as it helps in ranking a website. So, your customers from India will be notified with your website first and over other sites.

6) Cloud hosting –

In cloud hosting a website gets stored on a cluster of servers and that cluster is known as the cloud. It is based on a concept where shared resources, software, and information are always provided on the basis of its demand or requirement. In cloud hosting a website gets hosted on various servers, and whenever a data is needed it gets called from that network of a large number of hardware. Cloud hosting is the most strong and secure among all other types of hosting. It has the flexibility where users can upscale and downscale resources as per requirements. The stability is very high in cloud hosting as it is not tied with one physical instead involves various servers.

7) SSD Storage –

Gone are the days, when users use to prefer HDD (Hard Disk Drive) technology to store their website data. Now, people prefer SSD (Solid State Drive) technology which has cutting-edge technology to speed up a website super fast. HDD uses a rotating board and mechanical arm technology whereas, SSD uses flash memory technology that helps in finding the pieces of data very fast. SSD is able to perform everything that HDD can, but as it uses the flash technology memory chips, thus, it can hold data even when there’s no power supply. So, if you want a website to perform at full speed then there is no option for SSD storage.

Eventually, from all the above points you might have understood that a web hosting industry has evolved a lot and it is still changing rapidly. To keep with its pace, the best option to choose a trusted hosting provider like MilesWeb that guarantees you a 99.95% uptime and 24/7/365 days of technical support.