10 Off-Page SEO Techniques which will give a Boost to your Content

Off Page SEO Techniques

Most of the bloggers nowadays tend to do everything right when it comes to building content. But, when it comes to SEO, they are not careful about it. There are two kinds of SEO: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. One can easily maintain on-page SEO by using tools like Yoast SEO but the off-page SEO is tough to handle. One must maintain Off-Page SEO for building links and having a good number of backlinks will boost the site. So, how do you maintain it? Let’s check it out.

So, here are some of the best off-page SEO techniques which will give a boost to your content:

Share your content

Content Writing

If you are a blogger and want your post and content to rank high on the search engines, then sharing might come in handy. Good and punchy content always get shared and form a long chain for example creating an article on Snapdeal Sale offer then you must use similar kind of keywords so that you can optimize and create the content. It means it brings more traffic which will boost your search engine rankings. Just know that, sharing the content is the key which will not only bring more visitors but will eventually result in the authority of page and domain too.

Try to contribute as a guest author

Guest posting is another way by which you can website rank better. There are many websites out there which are open for guest posts. If you create a guest post and the post gets published at high DA website, you will eventually get the link juice which will help your website. If a website gets huge traffic and your post is published on the website, you will eventually get high traffic too which further helps in making a better ranking of content.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media

Try to post your content at social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flipboard, Reddit and more. Social Media Engagement is one of the best Off-Page SEO technique. If you post the content at these sites, people will read the content and might share it too. Not only it brings traffic but also boosts your site rankings. 

Forum Submissions

You can participate in search forums which are linked with your website. Try to make a connection with the community, try to reply, answer questions, give suggestions and advice and most importantly, use “Do-Follow” forums. There are many forums out there like Flickr forum, Addthis, BBPress forum, Chronicle forum and more.

Try to reach out influencers

Influencers Outreach is another technique to boost your off-page SEO. If you think that you have created a content which is share worthy and will create a buzz in the market, then you can try to reach the influencers marketing in your niche. Ask them to check your content and ask for backlinks. If you get one, then the traffic will get a boost eventually.

Get backlinks


Backlinks to your website are directly proportional to the domain authority of your website- just know that. If your content is not getting high ranks on the search engines and DA is low too, then try to get backlinks from the higher DA sites as much as you can. Many people charge for backlinks or if you know someone with higher DA site, then you can ask him/her to give you some link juice too. This will hyper your chances to rank high on the search engine. In addition to this, you can get more backlinks if you use proper tags according to the article or content like Tata Cliq Sale which you can use this tag in the article of lifestyle.

Give Testimonials

Many people tend to read online reviews before purchasing any item. Every company nowadays wants customer reviews and testimonials. By leaving testimonials, you can get high quality back-links easily. You can go to sites like HubSpot, Slack, and Marketo where you can leave the testimonials. All these websites have high domain authority as they get millions of customers monthly. That’s why, this is an awesome technique to get backlinks and as I said before, backlinks boost the site and content rankings.

Answer on Quora

The SEO legend, Neil Patel himself admits that answering on Quora will boost your content and website. You can answer questions on Quora which are related to your blog. You can leave a link of your website in the answers. More the people read your answer, it will become more likely to get brilliant traffic. Answering on Quora is the hold mine of off-page SEO- long put short.


Leave comments on other blogs


It is another off-page SEO technique which might bring traffic to your site. You can leave a comment on the high traffic blog with the link of your website in it. When people come to read the article, they tend to leave a comment or read them too. So, if you leave a comment in some high DA website’s post, you might end up getting some traffic from there too.

Directory Submission

Try to list your websites on directories which are a nice technique to get high domain authority backlinks. You might need high PR directory websites which offer “do follow” backlinks. The difficult part that listing your website at the directory is really hard. You should always list hour website in proper categories and add catch title with a description which will give you backlinks and boost your site status.