How To Get More Organic traffic

Quality back links

If your website is ranking on anywhere except the first three spots on Google’s first page, you know that you are struggling to get organic traffic. However, how do you even get there? How to get this organic traffic? How to rank higher?

lacking with the pages that are not ranking as well. So let us begin.

Quality Backlinks

It has been found that majority of the pages that don’t rank on search engines don’t have quality backlinks. Now one of the major Google algorithms that is still in use is Google Page Rank. Named after Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, Page Rank is an algorithm that takes into account two things. The first is the quality of links associated with a website and the second is the quantity of links associated with your website. These links help in building a credibility like no other. Links help you in communicating to Google that your page is worth the rank. So how do you build these links? Backlink generator can help for newly websites and blogs to make quality backlinks.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting

One of the most commonly-used ways of building links today is guest posting. What you are essentially doing here is to write a guest post for another blog. This blog, after publishing your blog post, will add two links to your website. These two links will be back links to your website. Now remember that you should not get a back link from any random website. You want to make sure that the website you are getting a back link from is in the same niche as yours. Likewise, you want to make sure that this website has a good domain authority. Domain authority is basically all of the SEO factors combined in a single metric.

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Lack of Keyword Research

It has been found that majority of pages that don’t get any organic traffic from websites are the ones writing for a topic that is not being searched enough on Google. What this means is that they are lacking in their keyword research. You either want to choose a high competition keyword and write kick ass content or you want to pick a low competition keyword and get away with writing average content. Either way, you want at least come amount of traffic searching for the topic that you are writing for. If only 10 people are searching for a topic on the topic you are writing on, do you think the content is worth producing at all?

Likewise, there is a lot of content that is not titled right. So you may be writing a blog post people are searching for but they don’t use exactly the same words that you have used in your title to search for that topic. So look into ways on how you can improve the number of visitors you are getting based on the changes you make in your topics on the website. It is as easy as that.