7 Website Design Techniques Which Has Impact on Conversion Rate

Website Design

Looking at today’s competitive scenario, it is really very important to create an exceptional website that will make you stand taller in the line of competitors. But, not to forget only a marvelous design will not be enough to gravitate your visitors and making them convert into customers. A specialized team of designers in a website designing company in Gurgaon or Delhi should take care of every minute detail of a website relating to the need of the business.

Website Design Techniques

Whether your company is looking for sales promotion website or be it tourism related, the content and design of your website must have full focus on the services or the products it is going to promote. It is very clear till here that a website design plays a key role in conversion rate. Before moving further let’s have a quick look on conversion rate optimization (CRO).


In the world of internet marketing, a systematic process of converting website visitors into customers or more likely taking any desired action on website is known as, “Conversion rate optimization”. This helps you to know the frequency of how your website visitors are moving on your webpages. If the Conversion rate tends to decrease that means it’s the time to pause, check the website and lay your best skills into it, making it worth spending time for visitors.


Bearing the importance of Conversion rate in mind, below are few website design techniques which will act as a stimulator and also catch the visitor’s eye on it:

  1. Keep it simple

Scratching the non-essential design, and content down to only basic, relatable and required elements can help improve in conversion rate. By removing the shadow of unnecessary design and video clips, a clean and simple two-dimensional design emerges.

Keep it simple

This two-dimensional design creates more space for CTA’s (call to action) and the essential content will get chance to live and breathe. But, you should take care that in way of making space you should not go so minimal that you lose the real essence of your website. Web designers should focus on roll-over style and visual tricks which will attract the gaze of visitors.

  1. Build Logical layouts

While focusing less on the decorative aspect of the website, you should never ignore the elemental logic of the content. There should be a frictionless movement for your visitors while moving from one page to the other. While designing your website you should consider the action you want to be taken by the visitors, so that they can walk through your page with an ease.

  1. Optimize by Adding Context to CTA’s

Visitor’s usually visit a web page in search of solution to some of their query. You must acknowledge this perspective and design your webpage accordingly that will make a whole lot of sense. It’s true that this process requires extra mental effort but for the sake of increasing the conversion rate you must be specific with CTA’s and the context for which it has been applied. The text on CTA button must be relevant and must clarify what is going to come next.

Optimize by Adding Context to CTA's

Also CTA must be placed at the right position on the web page so that it would be easily visible to the visitor. Inappropriate placing of CTA would only increase the probability of visitors to bounce back.

4. Use Responsive Design

Have you ever bear the pain of frustration while shopping online on your mobile device when the webpage does not open up? With a drastic increase in the usage of mobile devices out there, responsive design is a must-have to provide a uniform experience. Since, your website is now running on multiple devices it will lead to convert more visitors as and when they want to. Responsive web Design is a major factor considered by companies providing SEO services to get the best results as a responsive website design helps in retaining the visitor on the website.

Use Responsive Design

Emphasis should be led on a few important pages for your main navigation, and then link out from the body of the site where it suits best. With the help of Web-flow, you can customize every element of the responsive design, so that right element is visible at right place.

5. Conversion Rate can be harmed by Sliders

In the arena of trending upgrades in websites, “sliders” are a big no-no. Sliders turn down the speed of your website with unnecessary large images, slides and other distractions. They often become the distraction for the visitors and consume time which could be spent on going through the important content. This lowers down the conversion rate of your website. Human Brain tends to get attracted towards the slides more in comparison to the content. You must focus on creating a Hero-image which will carry a forceful headline-subhead combination which will shout out clearly about your brand.

6. Pick out the Right Colors

You should always focus on designing your website by keeping in parlance with the emotions of the people. Colors kindle the emotions, and often people make their decision from an emotional place. Therefore, color combination you will be choosing will play a key role in fetching brand personality and will eventually lead to increase in conversion rate. Take the work done by designers on the website of Braceletworld.co for example. They maintained two colors — gray and gold for for all the texts in the entire site — to evoke a sense of elegance and class. It also allows the images of the gorgeous designs to stand out. Web designers should choose such color combination which will act as a magnet to attract the sight of the visitors.

7. Pen down Content that Converts

It’s true to an extent that selection of beautiful colors and putting attractive images will make your website marvelous. But, you should not overlook the authenticity of a good content. A meaningful content is the soul of website which has huge impact on how people perceive your brand.

Pen down Content that Converts

You should take care of the tone, and language of the content which will properly be conveyed to the audience. Before scribbling your words, you should research properly about your audience. You must mention or even highlight the benefits customers are going to experience while acting on your offer.

Going through the above points, it has been clear that what important role a good web design technique plays for increasing conversion rate. A website is a platform where you showcase your business and do brand promotion like WPBlogX. And that’s why it’s important to design it in a way that it serves your purpose.