Make the Blog More Attractive and Standout

Make the Blog More Attractive and Standout

It is a known fact that you have a few minutes or seconds to grab the scrutiny of the reader as well as aspiring advertisers. People are already acknowledged with half of the information which your blog might contain as the internet is over flooded with the information. How are you going to stand out of the crowd? If you are that mainstream writer who is going to copy write the same piece of information in disparate ways, it is going to be a tough road ahead.

As like people, blogs do have personality and you can make a decision by reading that whether it is maintained by a professional blogger or a newbie. So the way you enhance your blog is what matters. Blogging is a strong way to reflect any business’s vision. Digital marketing services make use of this blogging trend to connect better with the target audience.

Make the Blog More Attractive and Standout

A well-enhanced blog will always leave a positive impact on the readers.

Everybody wants their blog to be winsome, so given below are few tips on blog writing format.


Your blog should look like you are telling a story. When you dictate a story, the brain engrosses itself in “neural coupling” thus releasing the “happy chemical”.

This way the people are more inclined to listen to what you offer and are more likely to indulge in your services. Allow your blog to be free from grammatical glitches to make it a perfect one to read.


It is never true that if you yield new blogs every day, it will drive customers to your web page enthralling them enough to buy your services or to get associated with you. In the end, valuable content will serve your site.


Always interact with your users. You might have noticed that the most successful and busy bloggers still manage to reply to the comments of their users as they do know that customers are their real asset. To make your blog a hit, create a thriving audience. Give them attention and clear all their doubts. Allow your audience or your customers to contact you freely by providing multiple ways of reaching your store for support just like what did. They have provided a responsive email address, a mobile number to text and even a toll-free number. Your thoughts on the queries of your customers must be convincing enough. It will incline them towards your services and website.

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If you write in first person form, do not feel awkward. It is the natural way of talking. Sentences such as – “I have been there”, “I like the food” is totally normal to use. When we talk about ourselves and our experiences, it makes the reader get connected with us and make him interested in reading the story. Writing in the third form or from the perspective of the author is going to be old-fashioned and completely dry. I, mine, myself are the most common words used in the first person. This is one of the most vital blog writing formats.


A transition is a hint to the readers that they are switching to slightly another topic from what they were talking about. Most of the times writers abruptly change the topic in the middle of nowhere and readers end up getting disappointed. The most convenient way to show transition is Subheads, and some transitional phrases. Transitions develop the interest of reader in the content which is major need of any SEO agency these days. It keeps the reader on the blog for long.

Phrases such as – Here’s the interesting part, Here’s what we found instead, “But whats the catch”, and “I am not stopping there” etc. Every great writer is meticulous about writing their content smoothly and flawlessly and in order to become one, you have to learn to put up the transitions. This is how to write a blog.  


Many writers worry about their word count and tend to vitiate the whole blog for it. If you are done and the targeted word count is not yet reached, you do not have to extend it by filling the unnecessary information to it.

On the other hand, if you feel that you have exceeded the word count, it’s absolutely fine. You just have to be crystal clear what you are talking about even if you need some extra words to do so. More word count is better than having incomplete and inadequate information.


It is a good practice to write short sentences. People usually get lost in big sentences and tend to befuddle themselves. Be very clear and do not entangle the customer in long and intricate sentences. For the people asking out how to write a blog, this is one of the most important things to produce a good blog.



You can never leave a good impact on the readers until your blog has some fantabulous themes. Readers do like the way blog looks.

Even if you are not willing to a hire professional to design your blog, you can spend a few bucks in getting a theme suitable for your blogging business.



To make your content readable and engaging, you have to be very clear about what you want to explain. Create some killer titles. That is the first thing for the customer engagement. Do not go for small text fonts. It may get too tiny to read out for the customers. Any text between 12px to 20px is good for the reading purpose.

Images and other infographics are a good way to attract the customers. Read more and explore properly on the topic you have to write about and then you will be able to put the right things into your blog.

Well, that was all on blog writing format. Also, take care that you do not overdo the ads as it will lead to the loss of the credibility of your blog. Be grammatically strong and search for some good synonyms. This is the path to a valuable blog.