Excel Formulas: 10 Formulas that Helped me Keep my Job

Excel Formulas

In this rapid changing world, having a job and maintaining it as well is a big task. Just putting all your efforts in the hours and being good towards what you do is not enough. You obviously need an edge. More than degrees, skills are being demanded by everybody in the industry as they help your employee keep up with all the pressure, technological, economic and social forces that are transforming so many industries. And all the courses that we read about that basically teach us about that what exact skills we need to get and sustain in our jobs.

You just can’t remain stagnant. You should always learn something new, you always need to be advancing. But the problem in this case is that we are not aware about the facts that what to learn and will that skill help us. Don’t limit yourself to just one job.


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  1. COUNT:

Formula: =COUNT (Value1: Value2)

This is a formula which is used mainly for the numerical work. It can count the number of cells in a range that have numbers in them. It basically counts all the cells where there are numbers.

Whereas there is one more formula which is being compared to COUNT but is very different from it that it COUNTA

Formula: =COUNTA ( x: y )

It works with all the data type. It basically counts the number of filled cells in the range no matter the data type. It will count everything whether it’s a number or any other character possible.


Formula: = SUM (x, x’) or = SUM (Value1, Value2) or = SUM (Value1: Value3)

The SUM formula is like one of the most known formulas from the list. It normally aggregates values from a selection of columns or rows from your selected range.

If we want to have a dynamic function that can sum a variable number of cells.  With the regular SUM formula, you are limited to a static calculation, but by adding OFFSET you can have the cell reference move around. So, basically to make this formula work we substitute ending reference cell of the SUM function with the OFFSET function.  This makes the formula dynamic.

  1. CHOICE:

Formula: =CHOOSE (choice, option1, option2, option3)

The choose option will let you summarize the facts when there are so many options. For example, there are three variants in three columns. And you want to write detailed about the second one. So, by this formula excel will operate accordingly. This formula is mainly used by those who describe their excel sheet in various categories.

  1. TRIM: 

Formula: =TRIM (text)

All functions can operate on range of cells, TRIM only operates on a single cell. Therefore, it comes with the downside of adding duplicated data in your spreadsheet. So, it basically get rod of any space in the cell with an exception of single spaces between the words. There are so many times that when we pull the data from the database. So, by one or the other reason extra spaces are put in behind or in front of the legitimate data. This is the reason, TRIM formula is very useful.


Formula: =MIN (Value1, Value2, ….)

Formula: =MAX (Value1, Value2, …)

So the minimum and maximum formula is, as the name itself is explaining. It helps to find the maximum and the minimum number in a pull of values. 


Formula: = RIGHT (text, number of characters)

Formula:  =LEFT (text, number of characters)

Formula: =MID (text, start number, number of characters)

These formulas basically give you the specifics according to position if you need. When there is a lot of numerical and text, there are a lot of time that it creates confusion. At that time applying such formulas are a great decision. RIGHT gives you the number of characters from the right of the text, LEFT gives you the number of characters from the left, and MID gives you the specified number of characters from the middle of the word.

  1. IF:

Formula: = IF (logical_statement (Value_if_true), (Value_if_false) 

The IF function is often used when you want to sort your data according to the logic you want. Many a times while analyzing a data in excel there are so many situations in which we discover that the data is reacting differently on the based of the data we have a put in different situations. At that time this formula is being used with immense power. It clearly says true or false according to the respective scenario.


Formula: =Value1 & text

Concatenate is not merely a formula but just a very innovative way of putting information from different cells and making worksheets more dynamic. This is mainly used by financial analysts performing financial modeling.

Just to understand it more for example you have written something is the second column assuming the first row. And you have to repeat that word again and again. But to change it and mentioning a lot of time will waste your time. So, you simply give a short name to it and put this formula and write that in say fourth column. Then you don’t have to mention it again and again.


Formula: =IF (AND (Value3>=Value4, Value2<=Value5), Value6, Value7)

*Value can be text also, its just representing the values in the columns.

Anyone who’s spent a great deal of time in various types of financial models knows that nested IF formulas can be a nightmare.  Combining IF with the AND or the OR function can be a great way to keep or formulas easier to audit and for other users to understand.  In the example below, you will see how we used the individual functions in combination to create a more advanced formula.


Formula: =INDEX (C3: R9, MATCH (B10, C3:C6,0), MATCH (B4, C2:E4,0))

*All the letters written in the formula are just representing the columns and rows hypothetically

This is a very advanced level of formula which a powerful combination of many excel formulas that will give your financial analysis and modeling to the next level.

So basically, INDEX returns the value of a cell in a table based on the column and row number. MATCH returns the position of a cell in a row or column.

To be a good at your job, it is very important to do smart work rather than hard work. All these excel formula are going to help you, so that you can do the right work, at right time

10 basic skills that will also help to keep your job are: 

  1. Communication skills:

One of the most important thing is to take all the creativity out of your mind and put it in front of the right person. Discussion make the dreams come true and that can only happen if you have good communication skills. Communication skills doesn’t mean that you should speak English. Although speaking English is very necessary now-a-days but good communication skills mean that you can express yourself with right words and with right confidence so that the other person is able to understand the message that you are trying to convey.

Listening, speaking and writing. These are the basic aspects that are being demanded in an employee.

  1. Team-Work:

In today’s work environment, almost every industry works in a team which consist of team members with different designation according to the target and one team leader(TL). Employers wants someone who can bring out the best in others which can only be done by the employees who have the power to listen and express at the same time. Also good team work can only happen when there is no politics. The only aim should be the goal of the company. Never think that being selfish will take you forward in life, you can only achieve want you want with smart work and you will get the reward in future for sure.

  1. Analytical and problem solving:

In work environment, there are lots of problems that you are going to face, not just work affairs but your personal problems too. To stick to your job and be happy where are you working, its very necessary that you have right analytical skills. So that you can solve all the problems that you are facing in your work life. Employers want people who are creative and use their past experiences to solve there present problems.

  1. Personal management skills:

The ability to plan your personal life with your work life is the hardest part to do. Many people mess up their personal life just because of the immense stress from work. They do not take of their body or their mind. They even tend to lose all their friends just because of the work load. To manage all this, it is very necessary to love your work from the core of your heart. So that you won’t take it as a stress. Rather take it as a fun time. The better and friendlier environment you will make at your work place, the better your personal life be. Because everybody has the equal amount of time, its just that how well you manage it.

  1. Confidence:

Confidence of thinking that whatever you are doing is right will take to all the places you ever wants to be. Confidence is the one thing that can’t be built but comes from within. Just know that you are the best at what you are doing and give your 100% and you will have everything you want to have.

  1. Technical skills:

Although all the employees went through a procedure of training in every company as every industry have different ways of achieving their targets but basic knowledge of technology is must now. If you are expert in some higher software that will work for you brilliantly. Technology is improving day by day and hence the need of us being updated is also needed.

If you want to stick to a job and want to grow there as well, you need to have good technological skills.

  1. Leadership and Management skills:

The ability to take the lead and manage all your co-workers is a difficult task but is appreciated equally at your work environment. Many times in our interviews too leadership quality is being checked. To build that you should always listen, should have quick decision making skills, should be loud enough, should have stand for the right thing without being biased. And you can achieve all this only by having sorted and stable mind.

8.Learning skills:

It’s a very famous quote that there is no age bar for learning. Yes this statement is perfectly true as no body knows everything. Some are good at some things and others have their different charms. Putting your words in front of others is a good quality but after listening and analyzing all the aspects. You can learn from your juniors or seniors that doesn’t matter.

  1. Strong work values:

Loyalty is a key to everything. We should always be loyal towards our work. Dependability, honesty, self-confidence and a positive attitude are prized qualities in any profession. Employers look for personal integrity.

  1. Academic competence:

Knowledge of what you are doing is very important. Although normally most jobs doesn’t require calculus. But having the right knowledge and the proof of it very necessary.

Moving ahead in your life and making our careers is everybody goals. To achieve what you want, an amazing site called Udemy is available for you. Confidence and learning skills is a key to survive and achieve everything in your work environment.