5 Of The Most Exciting Nintendo Wii Games Ever

Nintendo Wii

Why Nintendo Wii?

Today, gamers are well satisfied with Nintendo Wii console, as it has delivered new levels of interactivity with intuitive motion controls and remarkable gaming experience. It is declared as the world’s one of the best consoles and was the direct successor to the GameCube. It has come up with surprising features which takes you to the world that is filled with lots of fun and entertainment. As it is Nintendo’s best home console, it surely spread smiles on our faces with its innovative features. Well, there are some 2ds emulator available which you can play on your other device.

Efficient Game play With Support of DS card:

This gaming card is a perfect solution to make your game play more exciting. It has a multi tasking features that helps you to play games with downloading music, watching videos, and even surfing the Internet. The game play will be smooth without any technical problems while usage that gives you a mesmerizing gaming experience. If you are playing the popular multiplayer games PUBG then you may also want to see Shroud PUBG settings to play like a pro.

Nowadays, one can find huge number of DS cards in the present market, but they vary in their ability to work with particular console. Some modern versions of DS cards are R4i 3DS cards, R4i cards, R4 SDHC cards and many more. So, it is quite important to choose the most suitable card for your console.

5 most incredible Games:


  1. Pokémon X & Y: – Pokémon x and y are the newly released Pokémon games, allows players to begin their adventures. With successful worldwide launch of these games, Pokémon fans across the globe are enjoying innovative game play and attractive game features. Its fantastic new storyline creates lot of interest for gamers, as it is the first fully 3D handheld adventure in the long running series.
  2. The Last story: – It is a superb game that is released few weeks ago and is one of the best Wii games ever produced. Its story is very interesting that is about warring nations, corrupt government. Sounds quite interesting and close to real life, doesn’t it? Also, this game play has its own multiplayer functionality. Really, the attractive features of this game leave you in the fun world.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy: – This game has ranked as one of the top-reviewed games in the main series. It is considered as the best game for the Wii platform. Its fantastic level design, blend of pinpoint jumping controls, and challenging missions, made the Galaxy series of Mario game more popular worldwide.
  4. Resident Evil 4:- This is very interesting game, as it is the latest entry in Capcom’s powerhouse survival horror franchise. This game is absolutely amazing with its fantastic features and promises an adventure that will thrill player more than Resident evil 4. Simply, it is a wonderful game that offers a fresh game play.
  5. Okami: – It is one of the most stunning RPG games. In this game, player controls the sun goddess Amaterasu. Players will really enjoy the game play which consists of action, adventure and puzzle elements. It is the game with some unique aspects. This game is also designed with powerful graphics and high quality sound effects which attracts the players.